Stephen Colbert Rips CNBC GOP Debate for Being ‘Confusing and Boring’ (Video)

“Late Show” host also praised Donald Trump for claiming he negotiated the debate from three hours down to two

Stephen Colbert has joined the long list of people criticizing the CNBC GOP debate.

“It managed to thread the needle between confusing and boring,” the “Late Show” host said during Thursday’s episode.

According to Colbert, things went bad during the first question of the debate when the moderators asked the candidates what their weaknesses are. “They open with the question that no one in human history has ever answered honestly,” Colbert said.

And in a shocking twist, Colbert praised Donald Trump. Yes, you read that correctly. Colbert was thrilled with Trump when he claimed that he negotiated the debate down from the proposed three hours to just two.

The late-night host also poked fun at the green rooms each candidate was given. Chris Christie’s campaign was given a very small room that was basically a makeup mirror and a bathroom.

Referencing the toilet, Colbert said, “The RNC might have just wanted Chris Christie to be closer to where his campaign has gone.”

Watch the video.