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Stephen Colbert Seeks Healthcare.gov’s Missing ‘Vaguely Ethnic Smiling Woman’ (Video)

Host hopes he finds her before the Obama’s death panels do

His studio audience’s chanting, their shouts of love — even the whispers cannot pull Stephen Colbert out of his sustained funk over the failed state of Obamacare.

“The rollout has been one disaster after the next,” Colbert lamented Monday of the Healthcare.gov technical difficulties. “Actually you can’t even get to the next disaster — you get an error page that says ‘404 Disaster Not Found.'”

The most egregious website issue for the Comedy Central host? His beloved “Obamacare lady” is gone.

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The “vaguely ethnic smiling woman” has been replaced by some handy icons. Effective? Perhaps. But the “Colbert Report” anchor had formed a real bond with the now-famous girl from the homepage.

“I shared more with her than I ever had with a picture of a woman,” Colbert said.

The comedian is a man of action, and he is on a search to find the virtual lady love with whom he spent so much time, loading and refreshing her page. He just hopes the Obamacare death panels don’t get to her first.

Watch the clip: