Stephen Colbert on New ‘Girly’ Marine Hats: ‘Might as Well Be Made of Tampons’ (Video)

“It’s so feminine I’m ovulating looking at them,” Colbert said

Stephen Colbert is such a patriot that he would do anything to support our nation’s military — short of enlisting, of course.

But now there is something that the Comedy Central host simply cannot stand for: New Marine Corps hats that some say look “girly.”

“It’s Semper Fi not Semper Bi,” Colbert said.

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There’s just one issue: The proposed hats look essentially the same as the current ones. But that didn’t stop the “Colbert Report” host from jumping on the manly bandwagon.

“It’s so feminine I’m ovulating looking at them,” Colbert said. “Those hats might as well be made of tampons and copies of Eat, Pray, Love.”

Colbert has a suggestion to make our military hats more manly — make them out of beef jerky and sharks teeth.

“Mark my words folks, next, Obama will have the Army Rangers in berets and dress the Navy up in little sailor suits.” Oh, wait.

Watch the clip: