Stephen Colbert Calls Obamacare Website a ‘Techno-Turd Taco’ (Video)

The Comedy Central host delights in millions of Americans’ inability to get health insurance

Stephen Colbert finally had “some good news to report” Wednesday, he said: “Million of Americans cannot get health insurance.”

“The Obamacare website is a disaster and I am loving it,” he continued, referring to mounting complaints of slowness and an inability to access the Affordable Care Act sign-up site.

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“This techno-turd taco will be Barack Obama’s true legacy,” Colbert insisted.

The “Colbert Report” anchor has zero patience for the proposed solutions to the issue. He likened the president’s announced “tech surge” to fix the website to the Afghan Surge, quipping, “Which means we’ll almost have it fixed in 12 years.”

Watch the clip: