Stephen Colbert Tackles the Great Debate: Lions v. Tigers (Video)

The king of the jungle isn’t even the king of his own backyard

Stephen Colbert put the politics aside Tuesday night for an even more important debate: Lions vs. Tigers.

In the “Colbert Report” host’s “Inbox” segment, the comedian answers the age-old question that most of us stopped considering by middle school. Colbert broke it down with science — both real and made up.

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“Both lions and tigers have tails — so that’s a wash,” he declared.

Also a tie — both have famously been turned into cartoon characters.

“By the way, it’s OK when they call each other ‘Tigger,’ but you should not, “Colbert joked.

The tigers’ have a weight, speed and bite advantage and they can even live up to one year longer on average. Plus, now they have the infamous “Colbert Bump” — so it’s really no contest: Tigers, you win, paws down.

Watch the clip: