Stephen Colbert Morphs Into Steven Seagal on NFL Protests: You Have Fans ‘Under Siege’ (Video)

’90s action star said players and protesters were holding America “hostage”

Stephen Colbert is outraged that somebody who shares his first name is ruining it, so he’s taking matters into his own hands.

On “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Thursday night, he addressed how 1990s action star and “Jean-Claude Van Damme’s waterbed” Steven Seagal was back in the news.

Seagal, who is also a Russian citizen, appeared on a British morning show earlier this week to discuss the NFL player protests, which he thought were “disgusting.”

So Colbert addressed the actor in the only way that seemed appropriate: by donning a fake goatee and doubling up on glasses to deliver even more comments in the guise of Seagal — and quoting as many of the star’s film titles as possible.

“These football players have the fans ‘Under Siege,’” Colbert said.

“They may think they’re ‘Above the Law,’ but they may soon find themselves ‘On Deadly Ground.’ They’ll find most Americans are ‘Out for Justice’ because they’re…feeling ‘Under Siege 2,’ the sequel. And if these protesters don’t like this country they can feel free to challenge me to ‘Mortal Kombat.’”

By the way Seagal was not in “Mortal Kombat.”

“One thing’s for sure,” Colbert continued, “You mess with Steven Seagal, you’re not only going straight to hell, you’re going straight to DVD.”

Watch the full clip above for even more political commentary.