Stephen Colbert: Rick Perry Supporters Are Using Cheap Cornography to Win Votes (Video)

“We’re getting all up in those niblets”

In his second Super PAC ad, Stephen Colbert accuses Rick Perry supporters of using "cornography" to win votes on Saturday's influential Ames Straw Poll.

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"Iowa: a land of good people who can make up their own minds," says Colbert, in overly dramatic voiceover. "But outside groups like Jobs for Iowa Super PAC are trying to pander to Iowans with pro-Perry ads featuring cheap cornography that your kids could see just so you'll vote for Rick Perry in the Ames Straw Poll."

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To combat the questionable corn tactics of Perry's supporters, Colbert's new ad stoops to the same level, showing a salacious close-up of a buttery ear of corn on the cob. Colbert's voiceover says, "We're getting all up in those niblets."