Stephen Colbert Supports Stop-and-Frisk, Says City Is Swarming With Unfrisked Blacks and Hispanics

The comedian reacts to the controversial law being declared unconstitutional, calls New York City a "kill zone"

The usually docile Stephen Colbert was worked up on Tuesday night over the thought that New York’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” law may be going away after being declared unconstitutional.

“When you leave my studio tonight, you may very well be hunted for sport,” Colbert warned his audience, calling the city a “kill zone.”

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“Some unelected activist judge has rejected stop-and-frisk on the bizarre theory that minorities have a constitutional right not to be stopped at random and manhandled by strangers,” Colbert said.

He continued, “Despite the fact that when the Constitution was written, minorities weren’t even invented yet.”

Colbert — for one — doesn’t even see color. “People tell me I’m white and I believe them, because I don’t get frisked,” he said.

Colbert worries the city will be “teeming with unfrisked Black and/or Hispanic people.”

We simply can’t have that, says the host.

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