Stephen Colbert Tells Chicagoans How to Keep ‘Polish Sausage From Snapping Off’ in Record Cold (Video)

“If you’re really cold, slice open and crawl inside a visiting Packers fan,” “Late Show” host says

As Chicago deals with near-record cold weather as part of a Polar Vortex, with parts of the Midwest reaching minus 25 degrees, Stephen Colbert gave some sage advice for keeping warm on”The Late Show” Wednesday night. And he spoke the language too.

“Hey ‘dere. Chicagoans know that our cold is the worst, okay,” Colbert said, doing his best impression of former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. “Here’s how to keep your Polish saa-sage from snapping off.”

Colbert sported a fake mustache straight out of the ’80s and put on a thick accent about how to brave the winter, not that Chicagoans aren’t used to it at this point.

“If you’re really cold, slice open and crawl inside a visiting Packers fan,” he joked. “They got that insulated layer of cheese. Keep you safe for days, eat your way out.”

Colbert said that he will always love Chicago and the city’s toughness after getting his start there as a comedian and improv comic at Second City. He also said he was there on the city’s official coldest day in 1985, when the temperature hit minus 27.

“Get yourself two Portillo’s Italian beefs (sandwiches) with hot peppers, okay? Up against the cheeks,” he said. “Do not eat your emergency warmth! You’re going to need them later to make love to.”

Watch the clip from “The Late Show” above.


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