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Stephen Colbert Thanks Mississippi Senator for ‘Admitting’ He ‘Bangs Cows’ (Video)

In a tight senate race, you need to take advantage of everything

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran is in the race of his life, fighting to keep his seat in Washington while battling the perception that he has become too out of touch with his southern roots.

As he’s proven during the campaign, he’s willing to go to extremes to earn back that credibility, even if it means reaching out to some very niche constituencies. In a speech this week, Cochran recalled his boyhood days that were spent out in the rural fields, finding pecans and “doing indecent things with animals.”

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Stephen Colbert, for one, applauded the candidness.

“Now there’s a man of the people,” he said, beaming. “And when people aren’t available, anything more. Folks, this is how you win an election: By implying you banged a cow.”

Colbert had reason to be proud: He’s from South Carolina, and so Cochran was really doing a great job to help polish the image of the region in general.

As Colbert put it: “We are intelligent, caring people who also f-ck animals.”