Stephen Colbert Tracks Cable News Election Coverage With Help From the Devil (Video)

“The Colbert Report” goes live for show’s last ever Election Day special

With his jump to “The Late Show” coming up in 2015, Stephen Colbert offered up his last live “Colbert Report” Election Day special on Tuesday night. The late-night host was joined by political author Andrew Sullivan as well as the Devil himself, since that’s what it was going to take to keep up with the sweeping coverage happening on all of the cable news channels.

“All my cable news colleagues out there are bringing it hot and hard tonight,” Colbert said. That includes Fox News, who have incessantly spoken about their not-so-secret weapon, The Brain Room, where on-air hosts go for their stats during live coverage.

“Just as you suspected, Fox News keeps all their brains in one room and it’s not the one with the cameras,” Colbert said.

And while every network has their giant touch screen to poke at throughout the night, Colbert one-ups his competitors by using the dark arts of his Mountains of Midterm Madness to provide the earliest returns on races across the country.

With the Alaskan polls closing at midnight eastern time, Colbert makes a deal with Satan to learn the results of the Senate race between Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan.

The Dark Lord appears in a steaming cauldron, only to tell Colbert that the election was, “too close too call.”

Watch the video from “The Colbert Report” above.


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