Colbert Says Americans Have ‘Tough Choice’ to Make After Final Debate: Vote for Biden on Nov 3 or Vote for Him Early? (Video)

“Tonight was like getting our last wisdom tooth taken out,” “Late Show” host says

Stephen Colbert broke down the final 2020 presidential debate Thursday with a live “Late Show,” telling Americans they have a “tough choice” to make after watching President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden face off one last time before election day: “Do they vote for Joe Biden on Nov. 3? Or do they vote for him early?”

Yeah, the CBS late-night host is clearly decided himself after (but probably before) after watching “Donald Trump’s very last chance to make his closing argument” and “please ignore what he’s like and everything he’s ever done.”

“Tonight had its ups and downs. But the highlight for me was we’ll never have to watch Donald Trump debate ever again,” Colbert said. “Counting the 2016 Republican primary, we’ve watched him do that 16 times. It’s excruciating. It’s like dental surgery. Tonight was like getting our last wisdom tooth taken out. Yes, it hurt. And yes, we can still taste the blood in our mouths.”

Colbert commend debate moderator Kristen Welker for her control over the candidates at the Thursday event, though he did say it was unnecessary to explain the mute-mic rules to both Biden and Trump.

“OK, why are we pretending this is for both of them. The rule only applies to one guy! This is like Mayor McCheese holding a town hall and starting out by saying, ‘Remember, nobody burgle any hamburgers please.”

You can watch Colbert’s full monologue via the video above.


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