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Stephen Colbert Turns Donald Trump Into a Monstrous Plant in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Mashup (Video)

”What started as a seed, grew into a corpulent, narcissistic plant,“ ”The Late Show“ cold open segment begins

Donald Trump’s presidency is like a plant. His words, not ours. He compared the movement that he and his supporters have made to a seed slowly taking root while at his rally in North Carolina on Monday.

So naturally Stephen Colbert and company asked with their latest mashup video Tuesday night: “If Donald Trump was a plant, what plant would he be?”

“The Late Show” team came up with the other-worldly, blood-crazed monstrosity from the 1986 cult classic musical “Little Shop of Horrors,” now called “Bigly Shop of Horrors,” to quote one of the president’s other best words.

“It all began back in 2016. What started as a seed, grew into a corpulent, narcissistic plant, that couldn’t keep its stems to itself,” the cold open segment begins. “Now this self-involved plant is terrorizing the country with its divisive rhetoric.”

The fake trailer mashup dubs in some of Trump’s greatest hits, including the line, “You had very good plants on both sides,” and even photoshops Rick Moranis’ pet into a picture with Kim Jong-un. This plant also has some big ideas about predicting the weather and “won’t stop talking.”

Hey, at least the music is good.

Watch Colbert’s mashup video featuring Trump and Frank Oz’s Little Shop of Horrors” above.