Stephen Colbert Gives Viral Video ‘Hi Stranger’ a Disturbing But Hilarious Trump Twist (Video)

“It’s kind of beautiful and creepy, isn’t it, at the same time,” the “Late Show” host says

Last Updated: April 1, 2017 @ 2:06 PM

Stephen Colbert reacted to the most disturbing thing online right now and, surprisingly, it’s not a Donald Trump tweet.

The stop-motion video that’s been burning up the internet called “Hi Stranger” shows a bare-bottomed “person,” basically, flirting with the camera. As odd and unnerving bandleader Jon Batiste found it, Colbert kicked it up a notch.

“It’s kind of beautiful and creepy, isn’t it, at the same time,” Colbert joked. “There are all sorts of debates on the internet about this thing. Some people find it really comforting, and others want to know if you can take out a restraining order against a cartoon.

“In fact,” he continued, “some people have said this is the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen. Well, we here at ‘The Late Show’ took that as a challenge.”

Cut to Colbert’s “The Late Show” version of “Hi Stranger”… with a Donald Trump twist.

An animated POTUS lies fanny-up on a beach, wearing a “Make America Great Again” bikini bottom.

“You can look at my butt… I feel like I can be really vulnerable you,” the cartoon Trump says, repeating the dialogue of the original video.

Oh, there is no way to describe this. Just take a look at the video above.