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Stephen Colbert: Put Superman’s Underwear Back Where it Belongs (Video)

Colbert is unhappy with Superman's new look — and "Man of Steel" casting

Stephen Colbert hasn't seen “Man of Steel,” but doesn't like what he knows so far.

For starters, Colbert is uncomfortable with the casting of Henry Cavill. First of all, he’s English.

“Excuse me, English?" Colbert said. "Superman is an AMERICAN from Krypton."

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But Colbert’s biggest beef? The new Superman is going commando over his pants. Colbert says he doesn’t need to see Cavill’s “Fortress of Solitude.”

The “Report” host wants the red underwear back. And he’s not buying the film's notion of a more realistic Superman.

“That’s right. A more realistic Superman," Colbert said. "Because when your hero is a flying man from another planet who can crush coal into diamonds and melt titanium with his heat vision, you don’t want him doing something unbelievable, like UNDERWEAR.”

Watch the video: