Stephen Colbert Wouldn’t Kill Baby Hitler – He’d Raise Him With Love (Video)

But if young Adolf started getting mouthy, Late Show host would “stick a knife in his ribs and snap off the handle”

Stephen Colbert weighed into the Baby Hitler debate sparked by the New York Times, revealing that he wouldn’t kill Adolf the baby but instead raise him with love.

“I wouldn’t kill young Adolf, I would take him from his parents and raise him with love,” Colbert began on Tuesday.

He went on to explain that he wouldn’t let young Hitler join any groups where he’d wear a uniform, ruling out the Boy Scouts, Little League or marching band.

Colbert said he’d raise young Adolf to know that violence doesn’t solve a problem. But if he started to mouth off, well, Stephen would take care of business.

“I’d stick a knife in his ribs and snap off the handle,” he said. And if that didn’t work, Colbert proposed a brilliant solution.

“I’d just go back in time and kill baby me.”

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