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Stephen Colbert’s Tuck Buckford Takes on Alex Jones (Video)

The ”Late Show“ host’s alter ego mocks the conspiracy theorist, who’s having a hell of a month

There’s so much to cover about right-wing personality and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who’s been in the news a lot lately thanks to a public custody battle and lawsuits. So, Stephen Colbert took as many potshots as he could with his character Tuck Buckford on the “Late Show” Tuesday night.

First off, Chobani Yogurt filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the “InfoWars” host for saying in an April 11 video that the company was responsible for an increase in crime and tuberculosis in Twin Falls, Idaho, where the company opened the largest yogurt plant in the world in 2012.

“To be fair, ‘Crime & Tuberculosis’ is one of Chobani’s least favorite flavors,” Colbert joked.

Colbert also highlighted a moment from Jones’ video on Saturday that claims he had sex with 150 women by the time he was 16. This was posted while Jones is fighting his ex-wife, Kelly, for custody of their children, ages 14, 12 and 9.

That’s when Tuck Buckford came in. Colbert’s Jones-esque character took on the yogurt conspiracy by calling out the “Illumi-Chobani” and how great yogurt actually is.

“George Soros doesn’t want you to know the real value of yogurt, okay? That it’s a natural protein-rich gamma ray shield to keep the Clinton Foundation from reading your dreams,” Buckford exclaimed.

He attempted to prove his point by slathering yogurt all over his head.

“You can’t get in here, John Podesta,” he said. “You can’t put yogurt on a pizza. My brain is a steel trap. I can’t even tell what I’m thinking. I don’t even know why I’m doing this because I can’t read my brain right now.”

He also beat Jones in the women department, having made out with 22,000 women.

“All the women love me because I knew how to draw Snoopy,” he boasted.

By the way, if you go to brainfightstore.com, which flashes at the end of the clip, it’ll take you to Tuck’s new Twitter page.

Watch the full clip above.