Jimmy Kimmel Makes NBA Stars Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson and Jalen Rose Read ‘Mean Tweets’ (Video)

Eva Longoria gets in on the fun too in the special segment that aired before Game 1 of the NBA Finals on ABC

Last Updated: June 5, 2015 @ 6:31 AM

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment has become as legendary as LeBron James‘ and Stephen Curry‘s on-the-court skills, and the late-night host scored big on Thursday night with a special NBA installment.

The fan favorite recurring segment involves celebrities and sports stars reading posts from their most scathing critics on social media — and hopefully seeing the funny side. The latest round of lambasting aired before Game 1 of the NBA Finals on ABC and featured some of the biggest names in the league.

Before taking on — and taking down — King James, Golden State Warriors MVP Curry got taken to task by a Twitter user.

“Imagine the damage Steph Curry would be doing in the NBA if he didn’t have such a girly name #changeittosteve,” read the star player, who added, “Steve is a terrible name — oops, that’s my coach’s name.”

“I am convinced that Magic Johnson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth,” the LA Lakers legend read, before flashing a beaming smile.

“People say LeBron flops, have you ever seen this little French woman named Tony Parker?” asked Eva Longoria‘s ex-husband, who is a San Antonio Spurs player.

Portland Trail Blazers’ Wesley Matthews argued back against a Twitter user who told him to go eat donuts on the bench and called him a fat f–k, responding: “I’ve got six percent body fat.”

Even “NBA Countdown” analyst Jalen Rose wasn’t spared, as a Twitter user wrote: “Can we make a special called ‘I Hate Jalen Rose’ because I hate Jalen Rose?”

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green actually found his mean tweet hilarious.”Draymond Green looks like Donkey from ‘Shrek,'” he read, collapsing into giggles.

As NBA fans know, the Warriors had the last laugh later on Thursday night when they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-100 in overtime.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals airs on ABC Sunday at 5 p.m. PT. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs weeknights on ABC at 11.35 p.m.

Watch the video here.