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Stephen King Partly Blames Rudy Giuliani for Opioid Epidemic

”Just another rat thriving in the swamp Trump promised to drain,“ King wrote

Stephen King said Monday that Rudy Giuliani shares some blame for the rise of OxyContin and the opioid epidemic.

“Let’s not forget that Rudy Giuliani–old Mr. Truth isn’t Truth–worked for Purdue Pharma in 2002,” the horror fiction legend and “Castle Rock” executive producer tweeted Sunday. Thanks in part to his efforts, sales of OxyContin continued, and the opioid epidemic was born. Just another rat thriving in the swamp Trump promised to drain.”

“Mr. Truth isn’t Truth,” is a reference to a statement about the Mueller investigation Giuliani made Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “Truth isn’t truth.”

Giuliani’s consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, was hired to represent Purdue Pharma during a federal investigation of how the company’s marketing of the painkiller OxyContin contributed to the opiod epidemic. During a federal investigation into the safety of the drug, Giuliani was unable to stop a criminal conviction but did manage to secure an agreement that curbed future prosecution of the pharmaceutical company. According to an LA Times Report, more than 190,000 people have died from overdoses of OxyContin and similar painkillers since 1999.