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Stephen King Working on ‘Shining’ Sequel – ‘Dr. Sleep’

The master of horror read an excerpt during an appearance at George Mason University over the weekend

Heeeeeeeere's a sequel.

Stephen King is writing a follow-up to his 1977 horror classic "The Shining."

The new book, "Dr. Sleep," "includes a traveling group of vampires called The Tribe," according to the author's website.

"Dr. Sleep" is apparently coming along well enough that the author read a selection from it during an appearance at George Mason University this past weekend.

"The Shining" was King's first bestseller and established him as the nation's preeminent writers of scary stuff.

The story is about a family that spends the winter at an isolated hotel in New England. There, an evil presence incites the alcoholic father to violence. The man's psychic son, meanwhile, has terrifying visions of the past and future.

Stanley Kubrick directed the 1980 film version of the novel, which starred Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.