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Sterling K Brown Recreates ‘SNL’ Opening Credits With Action Figures and Cardboard (Video)

”This Is Us“ star toys with the cast ahead of hosting gig

Do you love “SNL” enough to create a cardboard model of NYC and act out the opening sequence with an assortment of action figures? Oh, cause Sterling K. Brown does.

The Emmy winner is responsible for a good chunk of the tears “This Is Us” fans shed every week. So, NBC decided to cut him a break with a chance to make you giggle while hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. And it looks like Brown is already off to a great start in a promo that dropped Wednesday.

In the clip, appropriately titled “Sterling K. Brown Presents ‘My Promo’,” Brown narrates a recreation of the famous “SNL” title sequence using a tiny model of Manhattan landmarks like Yankee Stadium and Papaya King, starring toy figures in lieu of cast members like Colin Jost and Leslie Jones, including Prince Charming, Elsa, Felix the Cat, the Tasmanian Devil, and more.

Brown’s musical guest this Saturday will be James Bay.

Watch the promo above.

Brown’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which includes James Bay as musical guest, will air this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET.