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Stern on Return to FM: ‘I Can’t Imagine Going Back to That Situation’

Sirius shock jock can’t “comprehend” jump to terrestrial radio

Howard Stern’s return to FM is sounding less and less likely.

The shock responded on Thursday to speculation that he’s considering a return to terrestrial radio when his five-year, $500 million contract with Sirius ends in 2010, telling his satellite radio listeners he “can’t imagine going back to that situation.”

"I can’t even comprehend it,” Stern said. “But the offers are out there. And it’s very comforting to me because in the four years that we’ve been here I’ve seen (terrestrial) radio decay. There’s not a lot of good performers. There’s not a lot of people who can attract a big audience. And quite frankly (terrestrial) radio isn’t all that exciting anymore. And all of these guys that have had conversations admit that."

Stern claims that he didn’t leak the stories about his return to FM, but said it would be in regular radio’s best interest to do so as a “f— you” to Sirius, which would have to shell out more money to keep him on board.

Which, of course, ultimately benefits Stern. So, once again, it could all be shock jock posturing in a contract year.

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