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Steve Bannon: Bernie Sanders Fans Made Trump President ‘and They’ll Make Him President Again’ (Video)

Trump’s former chief strategist says Bernie Bros are poised to do ”what they did in 2016“ if he doesn’t win the Democratic primary

Steve Bannon forewarned Bill Maher that Bernie Sanders supporters will retaliate like “they did in 2016” if he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination for president by either sitting out the general election or re-electing Donald Trump.

On Friday night’s “Real Time,” Trump’s former White House chief strategist rebutted Maher’s criticism that the Democratic party loses elections because of the “flawed” electoral college in which “a senator in Wyoming represents 290,000 people and the senator (in California) represents 20 million.”

“This is what I love about you guys — you’ve got to whine about everything,” Bannon snapped back. “With this attitude… we’re going to keep winning.”

Bannon went on to say that Sanders has “been screwed by the Democratic party,” citing what many are calling a debacle of an Iowa caucus. “Bernie voters are (going to do) what they did in 2016… either don’t vote or come vote for Trump.”

Sanders supporters felt bern-ed after the Vermont senator officially endorsed his former rival, Hillary Clinton, when she won the Democratic nomination for president in July 2016. Many of his supports condemned him for seemingly selling out the political revolution he inspired, saying they felt betrayed.

“The Bernie people helped make Trump president,” Bannon told Maher. “And they’ll help make him president again.”

Watch the entire interview in the video above.