Steve Bannon Is Leaving His Position as White House Chief Strategist

“Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day,” White House says

Steve Bannon
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White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is leaving his White House post.

“White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day. We are grateful for his service and wish him the best,” the White House said in a statement.

The former leader of conservative Breitbart News helped Trump win the 2016 election, serving as campaign chairman. However, he has often feuded with members of Trump’s inner circle, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to the Associated Press.

Vanity Fair reporter Gabe Sherman tweeted shortly after the news broke that sources close to Bannon have confirmed he will return to Breitbart.

Bannon has influenced some of Trump’s most unpopular decisions, including the travel ban and decision to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement.

Bannon’s ties to Breitbart and the Alt-Right movement have put him under scrutiny since violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend when a woman was killed during a rally for white supremacists.

Bannon originally offered his resignation to Trump back on Aug. 7 with plans that it would be announced on Aug. 14, according to the AP. The announcement was delayed because of what occurred in Charlottesville, the AP reports citing “one person close to the adviser.”

Trump didn’t exactly support Bannon when he was asked about his future during Tuesday’s now-infamous press conference at Trump Tower, reminding reporters that Bannon wasn’t part of his staff during the GOP primary race.

“I like Mr. Bannon. He’s a friend of mine. But Mr. Bannon came on very late, you know that. I went thought 17 Senators, Governors and I won all the primaries. Mr. Bannon came on very much later than that… I like him, he’s a good man,” Trump said. “We’ll see what happens with Mr. Bannon.”

Former White House Communications chief Anthony Scaramucci was fired shortly after mocking Bannon to a reporter.

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c–k,” Scaramucci said about Trump’s chief strategist during a heated phone call with reporter Ryan Lizza.