Steve Carell Worked as a Mailman Who Handwrote Responses to Letters to Santa (Video)

Because of course he did

You better watch out, because Steve Carell is about to make you cry.

On Wednesday’s “Late Show,” long-time pals Carell and Stephen Colbert chatted about how “The Office” alum was once a rural mailman in Littleton, Massachusetts who really played into the magic of Christmas.

“I’d get little kids who’d address letters to Santa and there was a special place at the post office that they responded to [those],” Carell said, with Colbert noting obviously they’d then go to the North Pole, which the “Welcome to Marwen” star confirmed was the proper procedure.

“But what I would do as a mail carrier is I would write a little hand-written note and say, ‘Your letter to Santa Claus has been picked up by special reindeer courier.’ And I’d leave it in the mailbox,” he added.

Cue the “aww” from the audience and Carell’s “Yeah, exactly,” response.

“But it would also take me until 9 or 10 at night to deliver the mail because I was doing this stupid thing,” Carell said, laughing.

Carell also told the late-night host he went about his mail-delivering in a “REALLY illegal” way.

“I think only like the really senior delivery people had the official trucks, so I had to use my Toyota, which had a bench seat,” Carell said. “And I would steer with one hand with my foot over here on the gas… and I would sit in the passenger seat and deliver the mail out the right side.”

And this was while it was snowing, so about as safe as you’d expect that setup to be.

Watch the video above.

“Welcome to Marwen” hits theaters Friday.