Steve Carell, Moby Team With LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on Water Conservation Push (Video)

A new video for the city’s “Save the Drop” campaign features the actor’s narration and music by Moby

Steve Carell narrates a new animated video to promote water conservation as part of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Save the Drop” program.

In the public service announcement, which features music by electonica star Moby, Carell encourages Angelenos to fix leaky faucets and reduce their time in the shower to help save water and address the city’s water crisis.

The video, which premiered on Friday, is part of a Garcetti initiative launched in April to respond to the statewide drought.

Garcetti hosted a panel discussion at the Getty House with Chair of the State Water Resources Board Felicia Marcus, environmental leader Miguel Luna and the city’s Chief Sustainability Officer Matt Peterson. The panel is one of many as part of his EngageLA speaker series.

Actor Jaime Camil, whose voice is used in the Spanish version, will also attend.

Watch the PSA here.