Steve Carell and Jimmy Fallon Make Fun of Johnny Depp’s Cologne-Ad Face (Video)

“Beautiful Boy” star shows “Tonight Show” audience his “Sauvage face”

Dapper actor Steve Carell made the front of Esquire magazine, but not the back. That side was reserved for Johnny Depp’s Sauvage ad, which was mocked last night by cover-boy Carell and “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

“I was up for Sauvage,” Carell told Fallon, all in good fun. “Would you like to see my Sauvage face?”

They then did an impromptu Sauvage-face-off — Carell was not sold Fallon’s attempt. Neither was the cologne company, the NBC personality quipped.

After that bit, Fallon and his Thursday guest talked about the time Carell finally met Kelly Clarkson, whose name he famously screamed while getting his chest waxed in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

Watch the video above.

Carell is hosting “SNL” this weekend, his third turn. Carell’s “Beautiful Boy” is still out in some theaters now, and his “Welcome to Marwen” comes out on Dec. 21.