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Steve Carell Pranks Fans With ‘The Office’ Revival Tweet

Whoops, he meant that OTHER NBC sitcom

Sorry, viewers of “The Office,” the Jim-Pam (and yes, Dwight Schrute) comedy isn’t coming back to NBC — at least, not any time soon.

Steve Carell perfectly trolled fans of the hit sitcom with two tweets on Wednesday. At first, he wrote, “Breaking News: ‘The Office’ returning to NBC.”

“Wait, sorry,” Carell then clarified. “I meant ‘Will and Grace’ (Typo).”

His bad.

Carell was right about the second of those two posts: NBC did (finally) confirm Wednesday that “Will & Grace” will come back for a 10-episode run next season.

At least the actor behind Michael Scott only let fans of his series hang for six minutes.

Here are the dastardly tweets: