Steve Carell Might Be a Little Too Serious for ‘SNL’ These Days (Video)

But don’t worry, he’s picked up a copy of “Re-Learning Comedy for Dramatic Actors”

Steve Carell is a serious actor now. Have you seen “Beautiful Boy”? He might get an Oscar he’s so serious. So serious, in fact, that the “Saturday Night Live” cast has some reservations about letting him take over hosting this weekend.

“You’re kind of a serious actor now, are you ready to do comedy again?” Aidy Bryant asks Carell in a new promo. No, no, “The Office” alum has got this. “I wouldn’t worry, because an actor prepares, and I am an actor,” he says.

Carell then hauls himself up in his dressing room to get back into the comedic mindset. He does this by reciting lines from “Taxi Driver” and “Midnight Cowboy,” diving into a copy of “Re-Learning Comedy for Dramatic Actors,” and tearing up pages of notes.

Finally, his “instrument” is ready — meaning he’s prepared to take on Bryant and Chris Redd’s brilliant new sketch idea: Dr. Farts, a physician who can’t stop burping. Yeah, Steve’s got this, as he declares “it’s good to be back!”

Watch the video above.

Steve Carell will make his return to “Saturday Night Live” in an episode featuring musical guest Ella Mai, this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.