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Steve Harvey Defends Trump Against Snoop Dogg, TI Claps Back With ‘#GETOUT’

”You have to respect the office,“ says the comedian

Steve Harvey isn’t a fan of Snoop Dogg’s controversial, Trump-bashing “Lavender” music video, saying that the OG rapper needs to respect the office of the president.

Harvey said that although he doesn’t think Dogg poses a genuine threat, the rapper still needs to be smart about his actions.

“The problem with all this is that there is an office in this country called the ‘president,’ and you have to respect the office. You really do,” said the “Family Feud” host during his radio show on Friday. “Whether you want to or not. You have to respect the office. They got laws.”

Although Harvey expressed admiration for the rapper, along for those who came to Dogg’s defense like Bow Wow and T.I., the latter artist wasn’t all too pleased with the comedian’s comments.

The Atlanta based rapper took to social media to give Harvey a stern warning.

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“We respect those who respect US. We respect those who respect themselves,” said T.I. “Emergency msg to U my brother…  #GETOUT,” the rapper continued, alluding to Jordan Peele’s racially charged hit horror movie.

Dogg came under fire last week after releasing a music video for his track “Lavender,” which depicts an America where everyone’s a clown, including president “Ronald Klump.” The video bluntly satirizes current events, with President Klump at one point holding a press conference to announce the deportation of all dogs. That doesn’t go over so well with Snoop Dogg, who chains up the Clown-in-Chief and shoots him with a toy gun.

Despite receiving criticism for inciting violence against the Trump, there were also a few stars, like T.I., who defended the rapper.

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