Steve Harvey Comes Face-to-Face With His Doppelganger on ‘Family Feud’ (Video)

Survey says: It’s a match

Steve Harvey has a distinct look, though it just got a little less unique.

The “Family Feud” (and seemingly every other TV series) host came face-to-face with a lookalike recently on his own game show, and social media is slurping the moment up early Monday morning.

The doppelganger is a full-time pastor named Olden. He’s a little smaller than Harvey, but the proud preacher has got the smoothly shaved dome and thick mustache to match. Olden probably could have used an oversized pinstripe suit, however, completing the look.

Much like Harvey, the contestant came armed with jokes. There was one other distinct difference between the two — and it could come down to that suit’s pants pockets.

“Every single day of my life, people come up to me and call me Steve Harvey,” he said. “And I don’t even have your money.”

“I mean, I think I should get compensated or something,” Olden continued.

“You actually a little better looking than I am,” Harvey himself admitted. “That’s kinda hurtin’ me a little bit.”

Olden then successfully dropped the No. 4 answer to the survey question, which was: “Name one of his animals a farmer might name after his cheating wife.”

Next stop, hosting? Watch the video above.