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Jimmy Fallon Cleans Steve Kornacki’s Disgusting Office as a Thank You From All of Us (Video)

It’s the least we could do

Steve Kornacki has had a busy few months — but that is no excuse for the MSNBC journalist’s office to look like this.

On Monday, Jimmy Fallon did Kornacki — and all of the unlikely cable-news heartthrob’s colleagues — a big favor, cleaning and straightening the dude’s absolutely disgusting office at 30 Rock. Like, it was horrifying.

“We once went into his office just to interview him, and it is a MESS,” Fallon recalled for “Tonight Show” viewers.

Armed with a bucket full of gloves and cleaning supplies, Fallon then wandered down a few floors to “Khaki Country.”

“Has he been living in here?” Fallon wondered.

He then got to work.

“I’m literally making your room cleaner by throwing things,” Fallon said to-camera.

“You’re welcome, Steve,” the “SNL” alum says after we get a fortunate fast-forward through his work. “Take a break, you’ve earned it.”

Watch the video above.

In it, we then get Kornacki’s surprised reaction.

“Thank you. This is long overdue. I appreciate it, it will probably last about a day or two,” he said. “But it looks great right now, Happy 2021 to you.”

Same to you, Steve. See you in four years.

Kornacki, who rose to national prominence on and after Election Day 2020, has parlayed his “Chartthrob” status into a regular gig at NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” which is the No. 1 show on TV.

As TheWrap wrote back on Nov. 6, “the embodiment of tired and wired, Kornacki is MSNBC’s national political correspondent, “map daddy,” khaki king and, dare we say, chief thirst trap. The 41-year-old has earned himself sparkly fan cams and legions of horny fans on social media who have become infatuated with his caffeinated delivery, spot-on calculations and relentless desire to stay on-air to track the vote count — so much so that the poor man had to be forcibly removed from the building so he could get some sleep.”

Pretty good stuff from us.

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