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MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and His Big Board Join ‘Sunday Night Football’ for Remainder of NFL Season

”Map Daddy“ is now on TV’s No. 1 show

Steve Kornacki, everyone’s favorite khaki-wearing political correspondent, and his election night big board will remain a fixture for the rest of the NFL season on NBC’s “Football Night in America.”

Who says good things can’t happen in 2020?

After appearing in the best crossover of the year last week to analyze the NFC playoff picture, NBC announced that Kornacki will help break down the playoff probabilities for the league in the final month of the season. He’ll be on both the NBC pregame show, “Football Night in America,” and halftime of each “Sunday Night Football” game.

Click here to see how his first week of analyzing the NFL playoff picture went.

Kornacki, along with CNN’s John King, became internet sensations for their tireless (and boy do we mean tireless) week of election coverage last month. Kornacki and his khakis especially.

During the first week of November, the 41-year-old earned himself sparkly fan cams and legions of horny fans on social media who became infatuated with his caffeinated delivery, spot-on calculations and relentless desire to stay on-air to track the vote count — so much so that the poor man had to be forcibly removed from the building so he could get some sleep.