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Steve Martin Sings About Not Wanting to Do ‘Tonight Show’ … on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

We’re quite glad you did Fallon anyway, if that helps

Steve Martin REALLY didn’t want to do “The Tonight Show” on Monday. So much so, in fact, he spent an entire segment singing about it on the “Tonight Show.”

“I don’t want to do this show/I don’t want to do this show/I’ve got no more material/I don’t want to do this show,” Martin lamented in musical form from his dressing room. “I used up all my stories/when I was in my 40s/But now I’m 52-years-old/and I don’t want to this show.”

The pre-taped skit was excellent, and its best lyric came a little later, when Martin hoped aloud that Fallon doesn’t ask him about “that early affair with a man.”

Later, Martin complains into the dressing-room mirror: “I only agreed to come on this show Feb. 29 because I thought that date didn’t exist!”

Another late-night guest foiled by Leap Year — at least there was cheese in the ski lodge-themed space.

Eventually, Martin is dragged on-stage anyway, where he promoted his new musical “Bright Star” in elaborate fashion. Watch the video above.