Steve Wynn Accused of Raping Woman, Fathering Her Child

A spokesman for Wynn told TheWrap: “These 40 year old stories are totally fictitious.”

steve wynn
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A woman has filed a police report, saying she had a child by casino mogul Steve Wynn after he raped her in the 1970s.

The woman said she gave birth to a baby girl as the result of a rape by Wynn that occurred in her Chicago apartment, according to a police report obtained by the Associated Press.

A second woman said she was forced to resign from her job after she refused to have sex with Wynn, according to the report.

A spokesman for Wynn told TheWrap: “These 40 year old stories are totally fictitious.”

Both women, whose names have not been released, filed the complaints earlier this month with the Las Vegas Police Department, according to the AP. The accusations come less than a month after Wynn was forced to resign amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

According to the AP, the statute of limitations in Nevada is 20 years, which means the case will not be investigated in Las Vegas. The second complaint was transferred over to police in Chicago, the report said.

In January, the Wall Street Journal reported that Wynn was being accused of of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

According to the Journal, Wynn has been accused of sexually harassing employees and had paid a $7.5 million settlement to a hotel manicurist, who said he pressured her to have sex.

Wynn has denied any wrongdoing but has resigned from his post as RNC finance chairman and as CEO of Wynn Resorts after the accusations went public.

Democrats called on Republicans to return any donations they may have received from the casino mogul. The RNC said it would only give back the money if Wynn is found guilty.