Steven Avery’s Ex Claims He Once Tied Her to a Bed

Jodi Stachowski says “Making a Murderer” subject tried to have sex with her while she was restrained

Steven Avery can count his ex-fiancee out for support in his quest for freedom.

Jodi Stachowski, the former fiancee of “Making a Murderer” subject Avery, told TMZ on Monday that Avery once tied her to a bedpost and attempted to have sex with her while she was bound — a situation eerily similar to the one that Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey claimed occurred in the final moments of murder victim Teresa Halbach’s life.

Stachowski claimed that Avery used a rope to restrain her and attempted to videotape the scenario. She claims that Avery ultimately abandoned his plan to have sex with her while she was restrained after she strongly protested.

In the Netflix documentary series, Dassey is seen telling authorities during an interrogation that Halbach was shackled to Avery’s bed, and that Dassey raped Halbach and slit her throat. He later recanted that account.

Stachowski called Avery a “monster” in an interview last week and claimed she “ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go to the hospital to get away from him and ask them to get the police to help me.” She also provided TMZ with a letter she claims Avery wrote to her in August (see below), asking for money and threatening her.

In the letter, Avery supposedly asks her for $3,000 he claims she owes him. The author of the letter threatens to send letters to local law enforcement informing them that Stachowski is a drunk driver.

The hand-written document also accuses Stachowski of cheating on men “all the time” and constantly lying.

The Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer” has drawn tremendous amounts of attention to Avery’s case since its December premiere. Though a White House petition asking President Obama to pardon Avery gathered more than 100,000 signatures, it was ultimately unsuccessful, as Obama is constitutionally barred from pardoning state convictions.

Since then, Avery has retained a new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, who says that new evidence has emerged. Zellner says she is “confident” that Avery’s conviction will be vacated.