Watch Stevie Nicks Smash Herself in the Face With Twirling Baton (Video)

Sometimes Hidden Talents can hurt

Last Updated: March 1, 2017 @ 7:22 AM

Some hidden talents should stay hidden — or they should at least be performed while wearing a hockey helmet.

James Corden invited some famous friends to participate in “The Late Late Show’s” new “Hidden Talents” competition on Tuesday, which is meant to feature “ordinary people” showing off some “extraordinary secret skills.”

First up was Andrew Garfield, who performed a pretty good back handspring. His acting in the bit was terrific.

Kendall Jenner’s birdcalls were even more impressive than Spider-Man’s Spider-Manning, though we don’t think she got the joke of the bit one bit.

Stevie Nicks was next, and far funnier. It got a little less fun when her baton twirling caught her flush in the head. Perhaps the Fleetwood Mac star would stick to singing.

Taylor Lautner closed the show with something actually quite impressive. Readers should watch the video above, even if just for the “Twilight” star’s talent.

Here’s something Nicks is much more adept at: