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Sting, Fallon, and The Roots Remix ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’ Using Whatever’s Lying Around (Video)

A pair of scissors, a Connect 4 set, a pillow — you name it

Sting paid a virtual visit to Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” to do a little remix of the classic Police song “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” which now has more relevance to daily life than ever before.

Using a variety of instruments and random household items they had lying around the musicians did a rocking rendition of the song, which is actually about a schoolgirl’s crush on a teacher and not about social-distancing in the age of the coronavirus.

Instruments used include Sting on the jar shaker, Questlove playing a pair of scissors and later, forks, Black Thought on the hair pick, Kamal Gray playing a Connect 4 set, Ian Hendrickson-Smith smacking away on a throw pillow, Dave Guy on the sneakers, Stro on the pot lid and wooden spoons, and some actual instruments like a ukulele, bass, melodica, and Tuba.

Jimmy Fallon also contributes some surprisingly well-pitch high harmonies (and some interpretive dance moves) as Sting sings lead on the classic bop from 1980.

Fallon has been hosting his NBC late-night show from home for the past few weeks in light of the coronavirus. Other remote musical guests have included Adam Sandler, Dua Lipa, and Justin Timberlake.