Sting Makes Classic Ringtones Better by Singing Them on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Dubbed “Stingtones,” the singer puts his signature voice on classic rings, and then records a custom outgoing voicemail message for a fan

Sting is one of the greatest vocalists of all time, so it stands to reason he can improve almost anything with the power of his voice. On NBC’s “The Tonight Show” Thursday, Jimmy Fallon had Sting sing some classic ringtones, which he dubbed “Stingtones,” and the result was mesmerizing.

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The legendary singer scatted to recognizable rings from the modern-day iPhone back to the classic Nokia ring from the early days of the cell phone.

“Stingtones” needs to be made into a downloadable app right now.

As an added bonus, Fallon treated one lucky fan to a custom outgoing voicemail message sung by Sting. Picking someone at random from the audience, the excited man got to shake hands with both Fallon and Sting, and then stand by as Sting sang a modified version of his classic, “Message in a Bottle.”

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Sorry I’m away, looks like you missed me-0
You just leave your name, when you hear the beep-o
I hope that you will leave a
I hope that you will leave a
Message on my voicemail, yeah
Message on my voicemail, yeah

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.