Stormy Daniels Is Hosting a Gay Reality Dating Show Called ‘For the Love of DILFs’ – Watch the Trailer (Video)

DILF stands for exactly what you think it does, by the way

We somehow slept on this incredible news when the show was announced two weeks ago, but with the series premiere coming Tuesday, we figured it’s the perfect time to let you know: Former porn star Stormy Daniels is the host of a new gay reality dating show with the most magical title possible — “For the Love of DILFs.” And you can watch the trailer at the top of the page right now.

The show premieres Jan. 31 in the United States on, the OUTtv Apple TV Channel and OUTtv on The Roku Channel.

And yes people, “DILF” is an acronym that means exactly what you think it does — “Daddies I’d like to F—.” Of course in this case, unlike the term MILF, from which DILF is derived, they don’t mean literal fathers. They mean “Daddies,” as in an older (even middle aged) gay man in a relationship with a younger man.

As you probably figured out, “daddies” are likely to be much more established in their careers and financially secure, and typically serve as a kind of mentor figure to their younger partner — in addition to the romantic relationship. And no you’re not wrong, in recent years it’s slipped out of gay slang and has even been used to describe heteronormative relationships.

Or as the show’s logline puts it, “For the Love of DILFs” is “an explosive dating show where two groups of gay men (‘Daddies’ and ‘Himbos’) compete to find love and win a $10,000 investment into their relationship.” And it all takes place in “The DILF mansion” which, uh, yes that is a delightful name for a place.

Of course the hook here is that it’s hosted by Daniels. The porn actress and Trump accuser, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has been making the reality scene so to speak — last year she was a member of the cast of the revival of “The Surreal Life.”