Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Is Feuding With Geraldo Rivera Now

“Grew up loving your work on ’20/20.’ But what happened?,” Michael Avenatti tweeted

Michael Avenatti Geraldo Rivera
Getty Images

Stormy Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti has had a busy week beefing with supporters of Donald Trump. And on Thursday he added Geraldo Rivera to the list, after the Fox News contributor dissed him on Twitter.

“As a judge denies #Avenatti #StormyDaniels long shot motion attempting to weaponize federal court to ambush @POTUS watch the duo fade from view. Stormy has shot & missed. Avenatti has to find another porn star or go back to chasing ambulances,” Rivera tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Avenatti replied that he’d be glad to compare “scoreboards” with Rivera, an attorney himself, on their respective legal careers. “Grew up loving your work on ’20/20.’ But what happened?” Avenatti tweeted.

This isn’t even the first fight Avenatti got embroiled in this week. On Monday, the attorney got in a heated shouting match with Michael Cohen’s lawyer David Schwartz during an interview on CNN.

“Let’s talk about Michael Cohen. What kind of man this is?” asked Avenatti. “The guy doesn’t even know the law. He’s a thug. Your friend is a thug. A thug. Thug. Thug. Thug. Thug.”

Avenatti recently tweeted a cryptic image of a CD in a safe, asking, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth????” He also clarified on Twitter that they don’t have a “Monica Lewinski type” dress that can be tested for DNA, but said they are “making progress on the assault/stalking that occurred around the same time that Mr. Cohen threatened @intouchweekly magazine in May 2011.”