James Corden Perfects the ‘Stormy’ Weather Joke You’ve All Been Trying to Make (Video)

The Dew Point is dropping, but there has been a drastic increase in the “Ewww Point”

Admit it: You’ve been trying to nail the wording on a Stormy Daniels weather pun for weeks now. Well, give that effort up, because James Corden and a green screen just got it right.

Playing the role of weatherman, the “Late Late Show” host unveiled his “Stormy Tracker 3000,” and regular ol’ doppler’s got nothing on this radar.

“Trump is generating a lot of hot air,” meteorologist Corden said in front of his graphics. “Meanwhile, Stormy has just been blowing and blowing and blowing and blowing.”

Corden’s perfect storm included Hurricane Karen (McDougal) — nice spring weather isn’t coming to the east coast anytime soon.

Additionally, though the Dew Point is dropping, “Stormy Tracker” has picked up a drastic increase in the nation’s “Ewww Point.”

Good one.

Of course, there’s also a golden showers joke in there, along with about a million more weather puns and double entendres.

Watch the video above.