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‘Stranger Things’ Star Reveals a Season 3 Character Death (Video)

Noah Schnapp may have just ruined next season — or your life

(Spoiler alert: This post and the video above contain an apparent spoiler for Season 3 of “Stranger Things.”)

“Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp just gave away a plot point for Season 3 of the Netflix series.

“Hi, um. What happened– in Episode 1, you had a dog, but then, like, it disappeared?” a female fan asked the actor at Comic-Con Chicago last week. “And no one saw it get taken by the demagorgan. And then it happened to Dustin’s turtle too — so what happened to those pets?”

“Um, I mean, I don’t know this is — I mean, I think he died, didn’t he?” Schnapp responded, referring to the Byers’ family pooch Chester. “He did.”

“Oh, wait,” Schnapp continued, appearing to recognize that he probably just gave something away. “Well, in this — I mean, I’m sure, you could tell, I guess. In this season there’s like a grave for him, that you see.”

“Shhhh,” he added after being heckled over the (admittedly fairly minor) spoiler. “Like, this is between us.”

Unfortunately for Schnapp, camera phones and the Internet exist in our real-life timeline.

Watch the video above.