Yes, That’s William From ‘Queer Eye’ Season 2 in ‘Stranger Things 3’

And so is the woman he proposed to on TV

William Mahnken
Queer Eye

Your eyes are not deceiving you: William from “Queer Eye” Season 2, Episode 2 is in “Stranger Things 3.” A bunch of times, apparently.

William Mahnken is a “Queer Eye” fan-favorite, having appeared in 2018 episode “A Decent Proposal.” The Fab Five really helped him out last June. Here is that episode’s logline: A scraggly film buff reboots his life — and his non-existent grooming habits — to give his girlfriend an award-worthy marriage proposal.

And here is Mahnken, who on Twitter identifies himself as a screenwriter, actor, husband, father and Uber driver, sharing a shot of himself from the season premiere of “Stranger Things” Season 3:

There’s plenty more William where that came from. Mahnken says he can be found nine times in “Stranger Things.”

Here’s a second shot:

Yeah, he’s the not-kid.

And a third:

Yes, that’s Shannan with him. She’s the woman William proposed to on “Queen Eye. They’re married now, and we couldn’t be happier.

Handsome devil.

“Stranger Things 3” debuted in its entirety on Thursday.