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‘Stranger Things’ Gets a Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Makeover (Video)

Netflix sci-fi series turns into an ’80s family dramedy with a little — OK, a lot — of creative overdubbing

A little creative voice overdubbing and Bad Lip Reading made an episode of “Stranger Things” even stranger.

The YouTube channel known for their creative overlay of fresh dialogue that matches the lip movement of the characters set their site on “Stranger Things” and, as a result, turned the Netflix sci-fi series into a ’80s family dramedy more likely to be seen on Freeform.

The 18-minute video kicks off with peppy theme music and a kindly narration setting the scene. The characters are tweaked, thanks to their new wacky dialogue, with Mike’s new catchphrase (“super freak”), Karen bragging about her “new tattoo,” an emotional Joyce sharing a dream about being in Billy Ocean’s wedding, and Eleven unable to string two words together.

It’s pretty darn funny, but very, very strange.

Watch the entire video above.