‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour Makes Good on Promise, Officiates Fan’s Wedding (Photo)

In January, Netflix star promised he would show up if bride and groom got 125,000 retweets… and they did

David Harbour, Stranger Things
Photographed by Benjo Arwas for TheWrap

“Stranger Things” star David Harbour is a man of his word.

After agreeing to officiate a fan’s wedding back in January, the star of the Neflix hit series dressed as his fictional character Chief Hopper and helped make one couple’s wedding pictures the talk of their town.

“Hey internet. I know it’s been awhile,” Harbour tweeted Saturday night along with a picture of the ceremony. “I retreated. Needed some space. You probably get it. But I’ve been thinking about ya in the interim. And all your retweets. And so me and some fun folks in Springfield, Illinois made good on our promise we made all those months ago.”

In January, one of his fans, Ericka Millholland, asked what it would take to get Harbour to officiate her fall wedding to Daniel Rockwood. The actor requested 125,000 retweets and the first slice of her wedding cake.

The couple accepted the challenge… and hit their goal in less than 24 hours.

And, well, here we are…

It is not the first time Harbour has made good on a retweet challenge. Last year he appeared in a high school senior’s graduation photos after she managed to hit his goal of 25,000 retweets.

No word yet on who got the first slice of cake.