‘Stranger Things’ Pug Reenactment Is the Friday Parody You’ve Earned (Video)

Netflix’s spooky sensation goes to the dogs in adorable spoof

stranger things stranger pugs doug the pug

Remember “Stranger Things”? It’s back… in pug form.

Netflix’s retro-themed mystery series gets mixed up in the pug life in a new reenactment, courtesy of celebrated internet pooch Doug the Pug, who in the past has thrilled audiences with gripping tales of his bedtime and his imaginary friend.

This time Doug turns his wagging tongue to “Stranger Things,” courtesy of “Stranger Pugs,” which breaks down the Duffer Brothers’ complex tale in 25 ultra-cute seconds. And because it’s Friday and we’re assuming you’ve been good all week, we present it here for your viewing pleasure.

In this tour de force, Doug takes on multiple roles, including , Mike, Lucas, Dustin and, perhaps controversially, Barb.

Ready to let Doug the Pug’s adorableness wrap itself around you like a warm, cozy blanket? Kick off your weekend right by clicking on the video.