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‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard on Missing Emmy Nominations: ‘So, Um, Do It Again Then’

The cast and crew found out while shooting the upcoming season — but Wolfhard was late that day

“Stranger Things” picked up 12 Emmy nominations this year — including Outstanding Drama Series — but one cast member was late to the celebration.

Speaking with Jimmy Fallon Monday night on “The Tonight Show,” “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard — who plays Mike –said that the cast and crew watched the nominations while they were filming the latest season of the show.

“We all found out while we were shooting… actually, I came in late,” Wolfhard told Fallon. “So I like came in, and all I heard was clapping. I’m like ‘what’s going on, is someone pregnant?’

“I get in there and everyone’s working, and I’m like, ‘oh they’re not going to announce it?’ And they’re like no, they’ve already done it. And I was like, ‘so, um, do it again then,'” Wolfhard continued. “This is mine now, this is for me.”

Wolfhard was on Fallon’s show to promote his new movie “Dog Days,” but didn’t shy away from talking about the upcoming season of “Stranger Things.”

When Fallon asked what he could tease, Wolfhard said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve got some new cast members,” though he didn’t reveal any further details. You can see one of those new characters working at Scoops Ahoy with Steve in the trailer.

Watch the clip above.