‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong Says Logan Underlined Kendall’s Name, Didn’t Cross It Out (Video)

Answering the outstanding mystery, “If you were crossing something out, you wouldn’t start underneath” *mic drop*

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Jesse Armstrong and Brian Cox (Photo by Lia Toby/Getty Images)

One of the crucial questions that came out of the final season of “Succession” was whether or not Logan Roy truly intended to leave his media empire in the hands of his oldest son, Kendall. Now the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, has definitively solved one piece of the puzzle.

While speaking at the Financial Times Weekend Festival, Armstrong affirmed that Logan underlined his son’s name on a piece of paper found in his safe after his death — as opposed to having crossed his name out.

Armstrong is the foremost authority on the topic, considering he’s also the person who underlined the name in the first place. As he said, “This is the sort of thing I would’ve hated to do while we were doing the show, but if you were crossing something out, you wouldn’t start underneath, would you?”

But Armstrong also confirmed he drew the line in a way that could cast doubt in the mind of Kendall Roy, according to the writer who shared the moment on Twitter/X.

As fans of the show likely recall, the board of Waystar Royco ultimately had the responsibility to choose a new CEO by a vote — finding the piece of paper in Logan’s safe made it easier for Kendall and his brother Roman to take on the helm of dual interim CEOs until that decision was made.

Armstrong’s reveal is the opposite of what “Succession” writer and co-executive producer Lucy Prebble said about the underline/strike-through debate in April 2022. While speaking on the HBO “Succession” podcast, Prebble said, “I think it’s much more likely to have been crossed out. That’s the sort of thing I can imagine Logan doing.”

“He’s sort of petulant, or was petulant, in that way,” she continued. “Whereas I really can’t imagine Logan sitting down to bother to underline Kendall’s name. That’s just not his style.”

Now that this one’s been cleared up — kind of — perhaps more questions about unsolved plotlines from “Succession” will be answered. For example: did Mencken actually win the election? What happened to Rava and the kids? What exactly was in Tom’s “logistics” folder?

Come on, Armstrong. We need (more) answers.