Watch ‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun’s Hilariously Awkward Account of Meeting Bill Clinton (Video)

The bumbling actor eventually reveals the former president pitched ideas for the HBO series

Nicholas Braun, who plays the bumbling Cousin Greg on HBO series “Succession,” made a very in-character appearance on Thursday’s “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” — delivering a very long-winded story about meeting former president Bill Clinton.

The actor, visibly nervous in his first late-night TV spot, stumbled and rambled about his encounter with Clinton, which came when he tagged along with co-star Jeremy Strong to a fancy party at a swanky “compound” in the Hamptons.

Braun stressed that he headed to the party via the “sweaty” Long Island Railroad — not a helicopter. “I’m still Greg in life — I’m basically just Greg,” he said.

As he rambled his way through his account of being screened by the Secret Service at the party, he confessed at one point, “I was told to milk this.”

Eventually, he related that he met both Hillary Clinton and her husband, who proceeded to pitch storylines for upcoming seasons of “Succession,” a show about the high-stakes intrigue of a big media family that seems to be loosely based on the Murdochs or the Redstones.

“This could be really funny if you guys did this,” Braun said in a half-decent Clinton impression of the former president’s suggestions for upcoming plotlines.

But Colbert was more hung up on the fact that Braun was on a first-name basis with the former leader of the free world.

“You called the president of the United States ‘Bill’ and this is the first time you’ve ever met him?” the host asked. “I’ve interviewed him five times, I’ve spent an entire day with the man, I would never dream of calling a president of the United States, Bill.”

Watch the full segment above.

“Succession” kicks off its second season on Aug. 11.